What to look out for

Watch for potential hazards to keep you and your property safe!

Ash Trees

Healthy ash trees stay healthy by proper trimming.  I recommend trimming every 4 years.  Treatment will help to keep away the Emerald Ash Bore.  Healthy ash trees usually have darker bark and very few broken branches hanging on them.

Sick ash trees most likely take only a few years to completely die.  If you wait until they are completely dead, the cost to remove them can double or even triple.  Some things to look for are a golden bark appearance.



Oak Trees and Oak Wilt

To avoid Oak Wilt, trim your oak trees during the winter. I will not trim oak trees March through September with the real threat being April through July. Once a living branch on an oak is trimmed there will be sap that comes out of the cut.  During the spring to fall there is a form of bacteria that is on a beetle that feeds on this sap.  That bacteria can kill an oak tree if it gets into the tree.  Additionally oaks can pass it to another oaks if the root systems touch.  Whole oak forests have been killed-off due to this.  

Leaning Trees

A tree leaning on another tree because it is broken or unstable will make that tree unstable and will eventually kill it or push it over.

Rotten Spots

If part of the tree looks dead or has a rotten spot, the branch or tree will usually fall away from the rotten spot.

Holes in trees

Usually from squirrels hollowing them out to live in them.  The branch or trunk is very unstable and can break by the hole at any point.

Tree Splits

Unstable crotches can split at any time.

Trees Touching Roofs

When trees touch your roof, they can take off the shingles. 

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